Tokyo 2021 Medal Design

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Medal Design Concept

The design of the medals for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games reflects the concept that athletes must strive for victory on a daily basis in order to achieve glory. The medals resemble rough, polished stones that now shine, with their general themes “light” and “brilliance.” The medals collect and reflect myriad patterns of light, symbolizing the energy of the athletes and those who support them; their design is meant to symbolize diversity and represent a world where people are honored who compete in sport and work hard. The brilliance of the reflections of the medals indicates the hot glow of friendship shown by individuals holding hands all over the globe.

To develop a variety of models to choose from, Tokyo 2021 held a contest open to professional designers and students of design that attracted over 400 submissions.

International Olympic Committee regulations stipulate that obverse medal design should include the following elements:

  • Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, in front of the Panathinaikos Stadium
  • The official name of the respective Games, in this case Games of the XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2021
  • The Olympic five rings symbol

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Medal Design

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Gold Medal

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Silver Medal

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games Bronze Medal

Tokyo 2021 Medal Specifications

  • Composition: 
    • Gold: more than 6 grams of gold plating on pure silver.
    • Silver: pure silver.
    • Bronze: red brass (95% copper and 5% zinc)
  • Weight: 
    • Gold: about 556g.
    • Silver: about 550g.
    • Bronze: about 450g
  • Diameter: 85mm
  • Thickness: 
    • Thinnest part: 7.7mm.
    • Thickest part: 12.1mm
  • Ribbons: Attached to the top of medals
  • Side of Medal: The name of the event will be engraved in English.

The material with which the medals will be manufactured will have the following origin:

78,985 tons of electronic devices
6.21 million used mobile phones, as well as digital cameras, handheld video game consoles and laptops.
30.3 kg of gold
4100 kg of silver
2700 kg of bronze

The material needed to make the medals was finished collecting on March 31, 2019.

Tokyo 2021 Medal designer

The Japanese designer Junichi Kawanishi has been the creator of the winning design with which the 5000 medals that will be awarded to the Olympic and Paralympic athletes will be produced during the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. This election follows the path of eco-sustainability that the organizers of the sporting event Most important they have decided to undertake, since the 5,000 gold, silver and bronze medals will all be manufactured using 100% of the metals obtained from used electronic devices.